Football match at al-Tha’leh honoring army

Sweida, SANA, A football match was organized at the playground of al-Tha’leh sports club in the southern province of Sweida province in a move to support the army in defending the homeland and fighting terrorism.
Thaala sport1
Al-Tha’leh village, to the west of Sweida province, has witnessed during the past week terrorists’ attempts to attack it, where army units repelled them and killed scores of terrorists in the area.
Thaala sport2
Tareq Hatem, member of the Executive Bureau of the General Sports Federation told SANA. The Match, between former players of Al-Arabi and Tha’leh Clubs, is a celebration of the victory of Tha’leh airport battle where locals provided all possible support to the army in defending the airport and the area against terrorists.

R. Milhem/ Barry

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