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August, 2020

  • 11 August

    After nine-years hiatus, irrigation water released from Qattina Dam through main Channel

    Homs, SANA- The Water Resources Directorate in Homs on Monday released irrigation water from Lake Qattina Lake through the main channel experimentally, after a nine-year hiatus due to its sabotage …

  • 10 August

    Woman launches a small project to decorate wedding and birthday parties in Homs

    Homs, SANA – After retirement, Amal Dalati, who was a teacher, has searched for a new mean to spend her free time, for this reason she established a small commercial …

  • 10 August

    A company of thieves run by Washington to steal Syrian oil

    Damascus, SANA- Stealing the resources of the Syrian people and plundering their wealth has always been a major goal of the United States in Syria, as it has completed its …

  • 3 August

    Nafasha Project provides 11 thousand people with water , ensures part of people’s needs in Hasaka

    Hasaka, SANA- Nafasha Water Project of Haska Water Company in Hasaka province ensures water for locals of the eastern countryside of Hasaka city through a network supplying water to 34 …

  • 2 August

    Coronavirus death toll surpasses 688,000 worldwide

    Capitals, SANA –Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused the death of more than 688,000 persons around the world since it appearance last December. Worldometer website which conducts statistics on the infections and …

  • 2 August

    Latamineh village …Unique archaeological site that chronicles early and middle stone ages

    Hama, SANA- Latamineh village, north of Hama province, is one of the unique historical and archaeological sites in the world that chronicles the early and middle stone ages. During excavations …

  • 1 August

    On Army day…SANA visits army personnel at frontlines in Lattakia northern countryside

    Lattakia, SANA- On the occasion of 75th anniversary for establishing the Syrian Arab Army, SANA reporter visited several military positions at frontlines in the fight against terrorist organizations in Lattakia …

July, 2020

  • 28 July

    Tobacco cultivation, useful alternative for farmers in al-Ghab area, Hama countryside

    Hama, SANA- The cultivation of tobacco crop in al-Ghab area in Hama countryside has witnessed during the last few years a significant expansion as tobacco is considered as one of …

  • 25 July

    WHO registers a high record of coronavirus infections around the world

    Geneva, SANA- World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Friday a high record of coronavirus infections with more than 284,000 new cases. Reuters quoted the Organization as saying in a report …

  • 24 July

    On its centennial anniversary… Maysalun Battle is an honorable history of resistance in defense of the homeland

    Damascus, SANA- The Battle of Maysalun, which was led by Commander Yusuf al-Azma on July 24th , 1920, marks a milestone in the history of Syria and region, furthermore, it …