Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon: Syrian government ready to offer all facilitations for the displaced to return

Beirut, SANA _The Syrian government is ready to do all it takes for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon to return to their homes, Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul-Karim said.

The ambassador’s remarks came during his meeting with the Lebanese Foreign Minister Jubran Bassil.

Abdul-Karim said in statements following the meeting that talks focused on the Syrian-Lebanese relations and the situation of the Syrians living in Lebanon after being displaced by terrorists, with emphasis laid on the bilateral cooperation between the two countries to keep their dignity intact.

He warned that terrorism, which had driven the Syrian people out of their homes, will backfire on the same countries that have supplied terrorists with funds and weapons, urging these countries to publicly renounce support for terrorism.

Terrorism has no specific country or religion, the ambassador affirmed, saying that Syria is cooperating with Lebanon in counter-terrorism efforts for he said security in both countries is inseparable.

M. Ismael

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