Solidarity concert for Syrian children in Czech’s Dubi city

Prague, SANA- A charity concert was held at the Virgin Mary Church in Dubi city in the Czech Republic to support Syria’s children as a part of a series of events sponsored by the Syrian Embassy in Prague and the local authorities.

“Syria which is a symbol of harmony and creative interaction between its social ingredients is exposed nowadays to organized terrorism which brought tragedies to this country, not sparing its rich archaeological history,” Marketa Daitzva the coordinator of the concert said during the opening ceremony.

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She clarified that this event and the upcoming activities are a symbolic contribution by the Czech people to express their solidarity with Syria’s children and people.

The concert, which began with the national anthem of the Syrian Arab Republic played and featured musical tracks, was attended by members of the Syrian community in Prague, members of the Syrian Embassy and Czech citizens.

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Manar al-Frieh/Manal Ismael

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