DPRK marks anniversary of birthday of founder Kim Il-sung

Damascus, SANA – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) celebrates on April 15 the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, the founder of DPRK and leader of the struggle against occupation and imperialism.

People of DPRK refer to Kim Il-sung as “The Great Leader”, and his birthday is a public holiday and is called the “Day of the Sun” as the late president’s course of fighting for freedom is seen as the light that has enlightened the road for the Koreans to march towards freedom and independence.

Born in 1912, President Kim Il-sung had engaged in the first decade of his life in the fight to liberate his country from the 1905-1945 Japanese occupation.

He came up with the political thesis of Juche, usually translated as “self-reliance”, which states that people are the masters of revolution and the driving force of their country to lead it to development and independence.

In 1937, Kim Il-sung became the leader of Division 6 of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) and continued struggling against the Japanese occupation by all means until victory was achieved in 1945, only for the United States, which by then had used the nuclear weapons in Japan, to intervene.

The US sought to dominate and control East Asia region using its military force, which led to Korea being divided into two states in 1948.

The case being thus, a first popular democratic state in the East was established at the hands of Kim Il-sung on September9, 1948.

After laying the foundations for socialism in Democratic Korea, “The Great Leader” led his country towards achieving economic, military and scientific development. Soon, the people of DPRK came to enjoy self-reliance and self-sufficiency, with Kim Il-sung never losing sight of the main goal of maintaining the unity of the Korean people, basing his internal and external moves on the principles of Juche idea.

Bearing in mind the constant greedy ambitions of the US, President Kim Il-sung worked on bolstering the defense capabilities of Korea and largely developed the popular army.

With his efforts of building socialism moving rapidly, Democratic Korea made great strides forward, and Kim Il-sung came to become a strategic military commander who has the will to challenge, confront and construct.

The high esteem in which Kim IL-sung was, and is still, held by the people of Korea is shared by the freedom-loving peoples around the world, who appreciate the thoughts and ideas he bequeathed to the humanity and his support to the national liberation movements worldwide, including supporting the Arab issues against the Israeli occupation and

The foundations that were laid by Kim Il-sung remain firm after his death on July 8, as the strong DPRK is still firmly confronting the American attempts to undermine its sovereignty, stability and independent political decision.

Qabas/ H. Said

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