Significant archeological artifacts unearthed in Sweida in 2014

Sweida, SANA- Archeological excavations in Sweida province have unearthed several artifacts, the most prominent of which is a statue of weather god “Hadad” and a cemetery dating back to middle Bronzed Age, as well as the main entrance of Baalshamin Temple.

Head of Sweida Archeological Department Hussein Zain-Eddin told SANA that the department in cooperation with al-Adyat society has unearthed a unique statue of god Hadad in Aws village in Sal-khad area to the south of Sweida, adding that the statue dates back to Aramaic era “around the 7th century B.C”.

The statue is made of basalt stone and its height is about 130 cm while its width is more than 60 cm and it was sculptured in a huge stone in the wall of one the ancient houses in a protruding shape and it represents a bull whose horns are in the shape of the moon.1

Zain-Eddin indicated that the statue was transported to the national museum in Sweida, adding that the national excavation expedition working in Tal Dubat Braika site has also discovered a cemetery dating back to the Middle Bronze Age in the period between 2000 and 2500 B.C.

The cemetery contains two skeletons, one of them is complete, and it is located to the south of Tal Bubat Braika.

A group of funerary pieces were also found at the site such as small pitchers made of inlaid black clay.

Excavations at Si’a village have also unearthed the main entrance of Baalshamin archaeological temple or what is called “God of Heavens” and the terrace of the entrance which was sculptured in an exquisite way and embroidered in some of its parts.

A number of significant archeological findings were also discovered in the northern terrace of the temple including coins, a saddle and parts of Nabataean and Greek writings, in addition to some inscriptions and architectural decorations dating back to the 1st century BC.

A specialized team from Sweida Archeological Department has also unearthed a mosaic painting in the old town in Shahba archeological city dating back to the middle of the 13th century AD and it represents a peacock surrounded by a number of geometric and botanical decorations.

R. al-Jazaeri/ Barry

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