People’s Assembly strongly condemns Zionist barbaric practices against the Palestinians

Damascus, SANA- The People’s Assembly has condemned in the strongest terms the barbaric Zionist racist practices against the defenseless Palestinian Arab people, stressing that these practices are a flagrant violation of all international pacts, resolutions and norms, and a violation of the most basic rules of the international humanitarian law.

In a statement, the People’s Assembly affirmed its stand by the Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem and in every part of the land of Palestine, indicating that the Syrians, who have faced for years and are still facing the forces of evil and terrorism, will continue to support their Palestinian brothers, as their enemy is one, and their fate and victory are the same.

The statement called on the international community to intervene and stop the barbaric Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people and support them to restore their stolen rights, expressing pride in the resistance of all the spectrums of the Palestinians in the face of the most brutal and criminal acts.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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