Calls for lifting sanctions imposed on Syria, other countries increase

Capitals, SANA_ Head of the Czech Peace Movement Milan Krajca has renewed his call for lifting the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the West on Syria, reiterating that these measures must be condemned.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Prague on Saturday, Krajca said that the immediate termination of these measures has become an urgent need particularly as Syria is now confronting the spread of coronavirus and it has been fighting terrorism and foreign interference for more than nine years.

The Czech politician called for ending the policy of sanctioning of other countries as well, particularly Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and others.

In recent remarks, Krajca affirmed the Czech Peace Movement’s solidarity with Syria in its war on terrorism to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In the same context, Cuba has condemned the US blockade that has been imposed on the Cuban people for decades and that has made it difficult for Cuba to secure the medical equipment and medicines needed to counter coronavirus.

Director of the International Relations at the Cuban Ministry of Health Nestor Marimon said in a news conference that “the economic and financial siege imposed by the United States on Cuba is historically the cruelest and longest system of sanctions, pointing out that the Cuban health sector is the most affected, particularly amid the coronavirus crisis.

“US blockade has become more cruel and deadly than in normal times.” According to Marimon.




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