Al-Qaterji industrial cluster in Aleppo resumes production, Video

Aleppo, SANA – Al-Qaterji industrial cluster in Aleppo has been totally recovered and resumed production after elimination of terrorism.

The industrial cluster includes firms specialized in engineering, food, chemical and textile industries.

Before the crisis, the cluster contained more than 900 craft workshops and industrial facilities. And now as life has started up there again, 600 factories begin production while 100 others are still under construction.

Member of the Executive Office of Aleppo Governorate’s Council for trade, industry, banking and financial affairs, Beirqdar Rashid, highlighted the efforts exerted to rehabilitate the area, remove debris, open main streets and provide industrialists with fuel in order to re-run the wheel of production after long suspension due to terrorists’ attacks which targeted the area and destroyed its factories and facilities, in addition to stealing their contents.

SANA camera toured the cluster, visited al-Hawraa kids clothing factory and inspected the processes of dressmaking, sewing, tailoring, embroidering, printing and packaging final products in order to have them ready for exporting.

Al-Hawraa factory owner, Ahmed Taha, told SANA that the factory provides more than 450 job opportunities and produces 800 dozens of clothes daily, adding that it contains advanced manufacturing equipment, machines and production lines.

Workers stressed their determination to keep the chugging of factory machines loud despite the unjust terrorist war, push forward the economic development and build the homeland.

R. Raslan/ Ghossoun


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