Syria expresses disgust over shameful stance of Qatari rulers in support of triple Western aggression on it

Damascus, SANA –Syria expressed disgust over the shameful stance of rulers of Qatar Sheikhdom in support of the triple western colonial aggression on Syria and allowing fires of the venomous assault to be launched from Al Udeid US Air Base in Qatar.

A  source at Foreign and Expatriate Ministry told SANA Saturday that is not weird that rulers of Qatar Sheikhdom are adopting such a stance as they have provided all forms of support to terrorist organizations to destabilize the Arab countries, on top of which Syria.

The source added that “Adopting such stance, the Al Thani family has unequivocally demonstrated their denial of the Arab belongingness with them completely depending on enemies of the Arab Nation and this family shall shoulder the consequences of such cowardly policies and their outrageous betrayal, which requires our people in Qatar to put an end to the excessiveness of the rulers and hold them accountable for their foolish policies.”

R. Milhem / Ghossoun




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