Premier Khamis to Italian medical delegation: Syrian people will not forget your humanitarian gesture

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Saturday received an Italian medical delegation, headed by Dr. Jamal Abu al-Abbas who represents the Syrian community in Italy.

Premier Khamis voiced the Syrian government’s appreciation of the humanitarian mission carried out by the delegation in Syria and its efforts to help injured people and humanitarian cases, saying that this shows the class of the Italian people, and affirming that the Syrian people will not forget this humanitarian gesture.

Khamis briefed the delegation on the terrorist war targeting Syria, noting that the medical sector in all its component was a primary target for terrorism which sought to break the will of the Syrian people, adding that despite the conditions of the war, the Syrian government is still fulfilling its duties by providing medical services for free and supporting the health sector.

He went on to say that Syria’s cultural, geographic, and political qualities and its independent decision-making made it a target for terrorism that seeks to fragment and weaken it to serve Israel and its pawns in the region, asserting that the Syrian state will continue to fight terrorism.

“We are proud of you and of the humanitarian message you bear, and this proves that there are free people in the world who perceive events correctly,” Khamis said.

For their part, the delegation members said they are glad to provide medical services to needy people, affirming that they will relay to the Italian people the facts they witnessed regarding the terrorism affecting Syria.

Hazem Sabbagh

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