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November, 2014

  • 5 November

    Youth Cinema Support project… a window of opportunity to set off

    Damascus, SANA – Rarely a day goes by without reading or hearing that shooting has started or technical operations have been completed of films for many of ambitious Syrian young …

  • 4 November

    Human Rights Watch: ISIS abuse, torture children abducted from Ayn al-Arab

    New York, SANA-Human Rights Watch said the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization has abused and tortured children after abducting them from the Syrian city of Ayn …

October, 2014

  • 20 October

    Government’s efforts to confront child malnutrition under crisis in full swing

    Homs, SANA – The Health Ministry in Syria has raised the preparedness level to face the problem of malnutrition, particularly among children under five, a problem that raised some concerns …

  • 20 October

    Antaradus of Tartous… a miniature of hopeful Syria

    Tartous, SANA – Antaradus proved not just a remarkable artistic and tourist event unique to Tartous, as it provided a miniature model of Syria, representing it in its entirety and …

  • 1 October

    Child who survived the terrorism of ISIS relates tale of his ordeal

    Damascus, SANA – Not content with endangering the physical safety of children, terrorist organizations are putting children who fall in their grasp through psychological torture that violates the very basics …

September, 2014

  • 13 September

    More than 4.3 million students begin new school year

    Damascus, SANA – Students in Syria began the new school year on Sunday September 14th, the date set by the government after finishing all necessary preparations to ensure that the …

  • 10 September

    Cave Castle in Tartous brought back to life in an exploration hike

    Lattakia, SANA  So enthusiastic about exploring a place that has not been tracked down being not listed on references, including on internet, and unfortunately unknown for many Syrians, the Syrian …

August, 2014

  • 26 August

    ATMs, another victim of the terrorist and economic war imposed on Syria

    Damascus, SANA – Terrorism and international sanctions have conspired against the Syrian people, targeting almost every aspect of their life including their simplest means of living including ATMs, many of …

  • 26 August

    Ghiwa Salman creates magnificent drawings with her little fingers

    Lattakia, SANA – 12-years old Ghiwa Salman is a remarkable child whose innovative talent is clearly manifested in her drawings on glass through which she has proven her presence on …

  • 25 August

    Life returns to plastic art galleries in Syria

    Damascus, SANA – In a step that opened the door wide for plastic artists to display their artistic items, Artist Anas Nassar has organized a joint exhibition at his new …