Syria, “Land of Sun” in a stunning theatre show on Opera stage

Damascus, SANA – A high-level fine blend of theatrical elements was symmetrically tuned on the Opera stage at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

The tuning was well accomplished in the form of “The Land of Sun” dance theatre show for the high-profile Julnar lyric theatre troupe that was performed on Tuesday.

Directed by Ali Hamdan, the stunning multi-visual show featured live performance with all light, attire, décor, music, dance, singing and drama theatre effects.

The audience was highly entertained throughout the 55-minute-long breathtaking performance, during which director Hamdan moved the audience through various spans of Syria’s life.

Starting with the discovery of the first alphabet of Ugarit on the Syrian coast, the audience was provided an insight into the succeeding civilizations of the Phoenician and Aramaic periods and beyond.

Skillfully led by the director, known for his acclaimed talent and theatrical abilities, the performers presented a symmetric mixture of the poetry, music and on-stage movement elements, floating briskly all over the stage in perfect tune to the music.

Each of the tableaus presented within the show had a special powerful visual character bringing to life aspects of the rich Syrian cultural life and heritage.

“Syria, as always, will remain the land of love and peace. This is our message,” director Hamdan told SANA Culture bulletin.

Having been historically a target for “greedy” entities given its special role and geographic position, and now being targeted with means of terror, Syria has strongly stood its ground and been like the Phoenix, he said.

“Syria will always give the world knowledge, love and holy religion,” Hamdan added. “It is its destiny to be a sun shining over the world.”

Speaking about the show, the director noted that, with more than 60 dancers and artists having taken part in it, the show is unique, whether in Syria or in the Arab world in general.

For his part, writer Samer Ismael, who masterminded the idea of the show, said he wanted to stress that “Syria’s light will always be on in defiance of all the attempts to put it out.

Established in 1997, the 40-member Julnar band was among the several groups that have stayed at home under the four-year terrorism-triggered crisis.

“We are committed to presenting a refined sophisticated art,” said Ismael, taking pride in the troupe’s efforts to enliven the Syrian cultural and artistic movement in the country under the current tough circumstances.

Haifa Said

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