20 archeological sites systematically sabotaged by terrorists in Bosra al-Sham

Daraa, SANA- 20 archeological locations in the World Heritage registered site, Bosra al-Sham, have been under terrorist sabotage with a daily assault of mortar and rocket shells on them, Bosra Antiquities Head, Alaa al-Salah told SANA.

“The terrorists swept under al-Shmeis Monastery completely and demolished most of the archeological parts of al-Kalbia, known as Bed of King’s Daughter…the sculpted friezes were also destroyed,” al-Salah said.


“The old town was set ablaze and many of its houses were destroyed, not to mention the secret excavations inside some sites as a pursuit for taking out treasures,” he added.

“Damage was caused to Bosra Citadel, the hermitage of Monk Buheira Monastery, Mabrak al-Naqa Mosque and Archbishop Palace due to the daily terrorist attack on them with mortar and rocket shells,” al-Salah continued to say.

He clarified that other archeological sites in the city such as Tal-al-Asouad, known as the Music Theatre, the western entrance of the city, Fatimid Mosque, the arched corridor, Manjak public bath and the Nabataean lake were all damaged by the systematic terrorist atrocities.


“All the aforementioned sites except for the Citadel and its amphitheater are taken as platforms for terrorists’ attacks against civilians,” al-Salah added.

Bosra al-Sham is an archeological city that is registered in the World Heritage list. Its famous citadel is one of Syria’s most prominent archeological forts, and it is distinguished for its multifunctional amphitheater-the only functionally integrated theatre around the globe.


Terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra organization wreaked havoc on the archeological city, 40 km from Daraa city, where only 20,000 out of its 35,000 population live in it.
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