Cabinet approves immediate compensation to people affected by terrorist bombings in Jableh and Tartous

Damascus, SANA – Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, the Cabinet approved compensation to be immediately paid to people who were affected by the terrorist attacks in the cities of Jableh and Tartous.

A series of terrorist bombings rocked the two coastal cities on Monday, targeting crowded bus stations, residential neighborhoods and hospitals and leaving a trail of death in their wake.

During its weekly session on Tuesday, the Cabinet gave directions for taking immediate measures to rehabilitate the damaged areas and granting financial support to the families of the victims and injured people.

A part of the compensation will be immediately paid until the total damages are fully assessed.
The Cabinet also approved an amount of SYP 500 million for embarking on the project of the new national hospital in Jableh city, as the existing one was massively damaged in the attacks.

The project will include rehabilitating the damaged parts of the hospital’s building and constructing another compound. Some SYP 350 million will be given in funds for starting the project immediately.

Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Minister of Local Administration Omar Ghalawanji presented a review to the Cabinet on the measures planned to be taken to rehabilitate the sites of the terrorist bombings in Jableh and Tartous.

In a relevant context, Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal visited the site of one of the terrorist bombings that happened at the main entrance of the bus station in Tartous city and inspected the damage there.

“There are directives given by President Bashar al-Assad to directly and immediately pay compensation for all damage and losses [to the affected people] as the governorate has assigned special committees to determine damage and due compensation,” said al-Hilal.

He, along with the accompanying delegation, also visited the injured people who are receiving treatment at al-Bassel Hospital and participated in paying tribute to a number of victims who were taken from the hospital to be laid to rest.

The site of Tartous bus station attack was earlier visited by Governor of Tartous Safwan Abu Saadi, who affirmed that all services utilities have been back into service after debris piles from the terrorist bombings were removed.

The governor announced during the tour the governorate’s readiness to pay compensation to the affected drivers.

Governor of Lattakia Ibrahim Khodr al-Salem visited the sites of the terrorist attacks in Jableh and al-Nour and al-Asaad hospitals where he checked on the injured people and was briefed on their needs.

In a statement to the reporters following the tour, al-Salem affirmed that the people affected by the terrorist attacks will receive all the needed support and care.

He said services have been back at the targeted bus station and the directorates of Transport and Electricity in Jableh, noting that the emergency department of Jableh Hospital will be back in service within days.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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