Electricity Minister: Three new substations being prepared in Tartous province

Tartous, SANA – Electricity Minister Imad Khamis on Saturday visited the main electric substation in Tartous and two substations currently under construction in the province.

During the visit, Khamis stressed the importance of periodic maintenance and inspection of substations, particularly since summer is coming and the power grid needs to be at peak readiness due to the increased power consumption during this season.

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He said that substations in Tartous are at optimal readiness, and three more substations with a capacity of over 120 megawatts are being prepared, and they should become operational soon as they are currently at over 80% completion rate, adding that six 66KV high voltage power line are also being carried out along with a 230KV line, which should increase the current capacity of the power grid in the coast by over 14%.

Khamis went on to say that a plot of land has been allocated to build a power plant in the future near Banyas, and talks with companies are underway in order to construct it.

He explained that power rationing is linked to several variables, fuel being chief among them, and that efforts are being exerted to provide as much fuel as possible to power plants in order to reduce rationing.

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