Investment conference: Investment volume in industrial cities before the crisis reached 450 billion SYP

Damascus, SANA-The First Conference of Investment Opportunities and Partnership continued its activities at Damascus-based al-Sham Palace.

A number of participants presented draft projects dealing with investment opportunities in the country.

Director General of Syrian investment Commission Hala Ghazal said there are 140 genuine investment opportunities to be studied with several sides and ministries on the food security, energy, medicines, and requirements of reconstruction, calling on investors to benefit from these opportunities and launch new projects.

She added the Commission will market for an investment plan with concentrating on the true investment sectors which have economic and productive priority.

For his part, Director of industrial cities and regions, Akram al-Hassan, briefed participants on the situation of industrial cities as they are one of the basic, important pillars of national economy, saying that the investment volume in the industrial cities before the crisis reached at 450 billion SYP which provided nearly 114 thousand job opportunities.

He added that in spite of the crisis’ repercussions on the industry and investment, the industrial cities are still the destination of true investment, calling on merchants and industrialist to visit the cities and inspect the new investment opportunities.

Earlier, the Conference started its activities at al-Sham Palace.

The conference, which is organized by the Committee of Industrialist Businesswomen at the Chamber of Industry of Damascus and its Countryside, includes Businessmen and businesswomen from Iran, BRICS, other friendly countries and Expatriates Syrian businessmen and businesswomen, in addition to representatives of the ministries and general commissions and the industrial and commercial chambers and Arab and foreign unions.

Conference 2

At the conference, Minister of Industry Kamal Eddin Taameh said the current situation in the country made the government adopt a rationalized economic scheme that fortifies and protects national economy without overlooking the importance of rehabilitating the industrial sector.

He said the government also made significant economic changes that aim mostly to pave the way for foreign and internal investors and provide facilitations to the private sector with the goal of raising its efficiency and competitiveness.

Taameh also highlighted the role of some organizations that manage the activities of the private sector and called upon all investors to seize the opportunity to invest in the country, adding that Syria seeks stability which would create the proper circumstances for genuine development and effective reconstruction.

Earlier Tuesday, head of the Committee, Marwa al-Aytouni, pointed out that the conference aims at attracting and resettling the capitals, displaying the competitive advantages provided by the participating countries, cooperating with the international experiences and the international financing through the international cooperation with the BRICS countries and other friendly countries based on the agreements that will be signed with the participants in the conference with the aim of rebuilding Syria.

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The two day conference opens the door wide for the owners of the distinguished projects that are based on studied economic axes to make partnerships with the investors and the capitalists who searching for serious investment opportunities with guaranteed economic revenue, she added.

The axes of the conference cover the role of the Arab and international industry, trade and investments through the chambers of industry and commerce with the aim of pushing forwards the comprehensive economic development to rebuild the national industry.

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