Pan-Arab Conference: Terrorism in Syria targets Homeland, State and Army

Beirut, SANA, Pan-Arab Conference affirmed that terrorism in Syria targets Homeland, State and Army, society and the national role of Syria, its position and firm stances towards the Arab causes and its support to Resistance.

In a statement to the Nation concluding 2-day meeting , the Conference condemned any foreign intervention in Syria’s domestic affairs, also denouncing the Takfiri terrorists who target the Syrian people’s life, their structure and civilized heritage.

The statement which was recited by Secretary General of the Conference, Abdul-Malik al-Mikhlafi, called on the states and sides which back terrorists with weapon and money to stop this support and close their borders in front of the terrorists’ infiltrations.

It reaffirmed the need to cancel all economic and financial sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and all Arab resolutions against the Syrian stats that contradict the Arab League’s charter.

The conference showed full support to achieve a democratic, national and comprehensive reconciliation to halt violence in Syria.

Mazen Eyon

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