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Health minister: Kassab healthcare center to become operative soon

Lattakia, SANA – Health Minister Dr. Saad al-Nayef said Kassab healthcare center will be operative again soon after its infrastructure is rebuilt.

After a visit he paid to Kassab city accompanied by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Resident Representative in Damascus Elizabeth Hoff, the minister told journalists that new medical equipment for re-operating the center have arrived from Damascus.

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Lattakia governor Ahmad Sheikh Abdul-Kader, for his part, said the services in Kassab are now in good condition and “life is gradually returning to the city.”

Kassab is a scenic Syrian area close to the border with Turkey that was overrun by terrorists backed by the government of the Turkish Prime Minister late last March.

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The terrorists had committed atrocities against the predominately Armenian population there before the army restored security and stability to the town earlier this month.

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