Eyoun al-Wadi village, a special destination for nature lovers

Homs, SANA Endowed with gorgeous nature and many freshwater springs, the village of Eyoun al-Wadi (the valley’s springs) is a special destination for nature lovers.

The village, which is located between the provinces of Homs, Hama and Tartous, is surrounded with a number of hills from which more than a hundred springs flow, mainly, Ein al-Deiaa, Ein al-Halaj, Abu Othman, al-Basal, al-Fawarand Ein al-Kasoumeh among others.

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Rising about 650 meters above sea level, Eyoun al-Wadi enjoys a moderate atmosphere in summer, engineer Hanna Hanna said.

Speaking to SANA, he added that the village is encircled by mountains covered with forests of oak, laurel, terebinth, sycamore and poplar.

The village’s residents plant fruitful trees, like apples, peaches, pears, cherries, figs and grapes, in addition to cultivating Wheat and barley.

The population of the village is estimated at 3000. The village is known for its high educational level as it had its first primary school opened in 1926.

H. Zain/ H. Said

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