Jumraia mayor assassinated, terrorist attacks claim lives of many citizens

Provinces, SANA – An armed terrorist group assassinated the mayor of Jumraia town in Damascus Countryside Ibrahim kreiker while he was at work.

A source at the police command told SANA reporter that the terrorists stormed into Kreiker’s office in al-Haama town and shot him dead.

Terrorists fired a mortar shell on al-Tayamneh neighborhood in al-Mojtahed area in Damascus, claiming the lives of two persons, one of them a child under six years of age, and injuring six others, one of them a four year-old girl, according to a source at Damascus police command told SANA.

SANA reporter on the scene said that the shell landed in the middle of a small residential street, causing material damage to two houses, five shops, and three cars.

The source added that two mortar shells fell on Bab Toudma area, causing injury to a woman and material damage to two houses in the area.

 Four mortar shells fell on Bab Sharqi neighborhood killing five citizens, including an eight-year-old child and injuring 13 others.

Meanwhile, three mortar shells fell in al-Qaimaria neighborhood killing actor Suzan Salman and causing material damage.

In Hama province, one citizen was killed and another was injured when an explosive device planted on their car was detonated while on the road between Maar al-Shahour and Hama.

A source at the Hama Police Command told SANA correspondent that terrorists planted the device earlier and detonated it remotely, and that the injured man was rushed to Hama Naitonal Hospital to receive treatment.

Terrorists fired three rocket shells on the town of al-Mfakker in al-Salamiye countryside, causing material damage to private properties.

R. Milhem / H. Said / H. Sabbagh. Mazen

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