The Independent reveals video urging more British recruits within terrorist groups

London, (SANA) The Independent newspaper revealed a video featuring apparently “British “fighters” urging their compatriots to join them,” in a clear evidence of the increasing dangers posed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria, topped by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), and their escalated cross-border crimes.

The film posted by ISIS, which is affiliated to al-Qaeda, showed five men claiming to be British and Australian “jihadists” calling for Western Muslims to head for Syria and Iraq.

The 13-minute video, entitled ‘There is no life without jihad’, showed a group of foreign ISIS recruits – including three claimed Britons – explaining their motivation for travelling to Iraq and Syria and seeking to persuade British Muslims to give up ‘the fat job … the big car,” according to the British newspaper.
It said in an article that in a sign of the growing sophistication of its propaganda operation, ISIS said it was aiming to get one billion Muslims to post messages of support for a hardline Islamist state on social media as part of an effort to advance its cause. The video followed a warning this week from Prime Minister David Cameron that ISIS was planning attacks in Britain.


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