Numerous free people of the world to participate in May at the Pan-Arabism convoy to Damascus

Beirut, SANA- The popular Arab and international campaign to break the siege imposed on Syria announced that a number of world’s free people will participate in the Pan-Arabism convoy to break this siege.

“Organizing the convoy to Damascus will initially take place in the second half of next May, after consultation with the concerned authorities in Damascus, and its aim will be to confirm our solidarity with the steadfast Syrians, and that honorable people of their nation along with the free people of the world are on their side.” the campaign said Friday in a statement following its weekly meeting via videoconference in the presence of its general coordinator, Majdi al-Maasrawi.

The participants in the meeting reaffirmed that breaking the siege on Syria along with resisting the Israeli occupation are one battle, denouncing the Zionist attacks, especially on the airports of Damascus and Aleppo and the port of Lattakia, as they are essential destinations for relief and aid items sent to the victims of the earthquake in Syria.


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