Syria deplores conducting “Brussels Donors’ Conference for victims of the earthquake” without coordinating with Damascus

Damascus, SANA- Syria condemned holding the so-called “Brussels Donors’ Conference for victims of the earthquake” without coordinating with it or even inviting Damascus to participate in its activities, according to a statement by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Monday.

“The conference is held without coordinating with the Syrian government representing the country in which this disaster befell or even inviting it to participate in its activities”, the statement noted adding “Those in charge of the conference even ruled out the participation of the most prominent national humanitarian actors from the Syrian NGOs”.

The Ministry underlined “This approach by the conference organizers and their politicization of humanitarian and development work was also evident in their continued imposition of their illegitimate, inhumane and immoral coercive measures on Syrians, including quake – affected people.

“US forces present illegally on Syrian territory continue to steal thousands of barrels of Syrian oil and smuggle them out of Syria without regard to the urgent need of those affected by the quake for energy resources to operate shelters, ambulance systems, health and service facilities, and transportation.” the statement went on to say.

The ministry clarified the message of Syrians to those in charge of this conference and its participants is that “the minimum level of improving the humanitarian and living conditions of those affected by the quake catastrophe requires first and foremost that the sincere political will are there along with an immediate and unconditional lifting of the collective punishment policies imposed on Syrians. In addition to supporting the Syrian government’s efforts to realize early economic recovery along with reconstruction.

Bushra Dabin /Baraa Ali

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