Damascene brocade turns into art pieces in Japanese artist’s hands

Tokyo, SANA- The Damascene brocade, which stunned most art lovers in the world with its beauty and magnificence of texture, lands in Japan to be woven by Japanese artist Yuki Yasuda who turned it into unique pieces of art.

Yasuda noted in a statement to SANA that she works in the industry of accessories and fabrics, and is interested in traditional heritage, so she was obsessed to the world-famous Damascene brocade fabric.”

With my hope for rebuilding Syria, I started trying to import fabrics from there to my country last year, the Japanese artist said.

During her continuous participation in art markets and exhibitions in her country, Yasuda presents pieces of art that she wove from Damascene brocade, including elegant small multi-use bags.

Nisreen Othman / Baraa Ali

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