Russia: US allegations on use of chemical weapons in Ukraine provocative, baseless

Washington, SANA- The Russian embassy in Washington has described the allegations of the US State Department’s spokesman Ned Price regarding the possible use of chemical weapons by Russia in Ukraine as provocative and baseless.

RT website quoted the embassy as saying in a statement that “the Russian armed forces do not possess and cannot possess chemical combat agents after Russia destroyed all its chemical weapons stockpile in 2017.”

The statement read that “what raises concern is information confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense stating that Ukrainian extremists are preparing provocations using chemicals, and Russia has questions about the source of these materials.”

The embassy called on Washington to “stop promoting misinformation and intensify its chemical disarmament process”, noting that the US remains the only signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention and it not fulfilled its international obligations.

Nisreen Othman / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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