For the second day, QSD militia prevents entry of flour and foodstuffs into Hasaka city center

Hasaka, SANA-For the second day, the US occupation-aligned “QSD” militia prevented entry of foodstuffs, flour and fuel to Hasaka City center, which led to a shortage of foodstuffs and a significant increase in prices of the rest of them, which put additional pressure on citizens in terms of securing daily living needs.

In order to tighten the siege imposed on the city center, SANA reporter said that the “QSD” militia closed the surrounding streets, specifically the Social Insurance Street adjacent to al-Siyasiyah Street, adjacent to the city center from the west side, with concrete barriers and set up mobile checkpoints “flying barriers” near al-Basel roundabout from the direction of the airport.

Locals of Hasaka city expressed to SANA reporter their anger towards the criminal practices of the militia, which seeks to tighten the noose on them and deprive them of the most basic necessities of life in compliance with the schemes of its operators from the US occupation forces.

The Locals noted that the difficult living conditions resulting from the militia’s theft of the region’s resources of oil, gas, wheat and barley and the imposition of financial royalties on citizens in collusion with the occupying forces aimed at pressuring them to accept the existence of the occupation and to remain silent about the militia’s practices against them.

The locals added that there is no solution to the problems and difficulties that the province is suffering from except through “expelling the occupier from our land, as for the agent militia, it will automatically disappear with the demise of its operators.”

Manar Salameh / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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