FEARAB-America: Presidential elections affirm Syrians’ adherence to national decision independency

Havana, SANA- President of Arab Entities Federation of Latin America (FEARAB-America) Alfredo Deriche Gutiérrez has affirmed that holding the presidential elections on time proves the Syrians’ adherence to the independence of their country’s national decision and to its unity and sovereignty.

During a meeting with Syria’s Ambassador to Cuba Dr. Idris Mayya at the headquarters of the Syrian Embassy in Havana, Gutiérrez asserted the importance of lifting the unilateral coercive measures and the criminal siege imposed against the Syrian people.

He expressed the organization’s solidarity with Syria in the face of the military and economic terrorist war waged against it, and its support for expelling all the foreign forces deployed to its territory illegally.

Ambassador Mayya, for his part, affirmed that the Syrians in their homeland and abroad will prove again and through their intensive participation, their rejection of all the attempts to disrupt the presidential elections which come to crown the process of achievements and victories gained by Syria in the face of the unjust global war waged against it.

Dr. Mayya expressed thanks for the organizations over its stances in support of Syria, underlining the importance of the role which it can play through its solidarity with Syria.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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