New Pretext by Pentagon to justify leaving military equipment to terrorists in Syria

Damascus, SANA_ A new pretext has been fabricated by the US Department of Defense (The Pentagon) to justify how millions of dollars’ worth of US military equipment has gone missing in Syria and that it may have fallen into the hands of terrorist groups.

The new pretext came after a report by the Department of Defense’s office of the inspector general revealed that “theatre-provided equipment” worth $4.1 million was not accounted for in an audit conducted as US forces prepare to withdraw from the country.

The report, which was published by the “Morning Star” website, forced the Pentagon’s officials to admit that “theatre-provided equipment” worth $4.1 million has gone missing in terrorist-held areas in Syria.

The US officials blamed “internet connectivity problems” for its inability to “continuously account for 69 pieces” of military hardware, with another 10 items lost through troops failing to follow official guidance.

The US has fueled terrorists’ atrocities, with CIA covert operations arming a myriad of terrorist groups linked with Daesh and al-Qaeda.

During mopping-up operations in areas liberated by the Syrian army from terrorist groups, US-supplied weapons have been uncovered.

As a result, the reservations and information disclosed by the Pentagon inspector general’s reports do not stem from a moral or legal aspect, but rather purely financial and economic one related to the military budget of the United States only. They confirm once again the depth of the link between the US occupation forces and terrorist organizations and the fact of Washington’s continues support to its terrorist agents by leaving military equipment and weapons to them.

Regardless of the different pleas that the United States makes to support terrorist organizations in Syria, the firm and abundant fact is the documents that revealed the unwavering support of the US intelligence to terrorists through the establishment of camps for training them and providing them with weapons, equipment, and funds, as well as covering them politically by Washington in international forums under the name of “moderate opposition”.

The Pentagon’s new excuse to cover up its long-term support for terrorist organizations in Syria with all its different names and areas of their deployment came after a similar report revealed last February.

In February 2018, a similar audit discovered that $715 million in weapons and equipment had not been properly stored or accounted for.

In fact, the reports of the Department of Defense’s office prove the link between Washington and terrorist groups and the continuity of the US support for these groups through leaving military equipment for them.


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