EU urges lifting sanctions blocking humanitarian assistance

Brussels, SANA_ The European Union has called on other countries to lift coercive measures imposed on Syria, Venezuela, Iran and DPRK that prevent medical and humanitarian aid from reaching them amid the coronavirus pandemic

EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell at a press conference in Brussels on Monday said: “In the case of the UN and the EU, it is quite clear that our sanctions do not cause any problems in terms of provision of humanitarian aid. And we would like other countries that impose sanctions to follow in our footsteps to make sure that medical equipment can be provided to countries which are under sanctions, for example Syria, Venezuela, Iran and DPRK,”

He added: “There are some actors who refrain from participating in the flow of humanitarian aid because they are afraid of falling under the sanctions and I think it is necessary to be clearer in these circumstances more than ever that there will be no sanctions on those who participate in the exchange of goods and services related to necessary humanitarian aid”.

Last week, Borrell backed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who urged EU countries to ease sanctions imposed on some states that prevent the arrival of humanitarian aid to accelerate the fight against the pandemic.


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