740 tons of apple crops exported from Sweida to foreign markets

Sweida, SANA- Since the beginning of the current season, the amount of apple crops exported from Sweida province to foreign markets reached about 740 tons, mostly to Egypt, including limited quantities to Sudan.

Head of Sweida Chamber of Agriculture, Hatem Abu Ras, told SANA that the exported quantities to date are acceptable because of the decrease in production during the current season compared to the past season.

He pointed to the continuation of apple exports and expecting that the exports will increase gradually during the coming period, in addition to the presence of good marketing movement within the local markets.

Abu Ras pointed out that the Chamber continues to grant certificates of origin to exporters to export the largest quantities of apple crops, adding that the certificates granted to date amounted to 35 certificates.

He demanded an increase in the support provided to exporters by the Local Production Support and Development Authority as apple crops face competition at the foreign markets.

The apple crop is the main crop in Sweida province as its production is estimated to amount to about 21,259 tons in the current season.

H. Zain / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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