Al-Sabbagh: Syria cooperated with IAEA .. Israel’s non-commitment to the treaty poses threat to international peace

Vienna, SANA- Syria’s Permanent representative  to the UN in Vienna, Bassam al-Sabbagh, affirmed on Wednesday that Syria has cooperated with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with full transparency and flexibility regarding the application of its safeguards’ agreement.

Sabbagh, speaking at the 63rd Annual Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference, said that the IAEA’s annual reports on the implementation of the safeguards agreement , the last of which was for 2018, confirmed Syria’s full commitment to applying its obligations under the comprehensive safeguards’ agreement and the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons treaty (NPT).

” In this regard, Syria indicates that the item which is being discussed by the IAEA Board of Governors on applying the safeguards’ agreement in Syria represents one of the negative aspects of the exploitation of some countries to this agency to serve their own political agendas,” al-Sabbagh added.

Al-Sabbagh reiterated that the remaining of Israel outside the NPT and the comprehensive safeguards agreement of the IAEA continues to pose threat to peace and security, not only in the Middle East region but all over the world.

He indicated that the Israeli aggression on the sovereignty of Syrian territories in 2007, that should be condemned, has been used as a platform to attack Syria, which was victim of the aggression,  in order to defame its image and practice political pressures on it.

The Syrian diplomat  went on to say that the Israeli enemy’s rejection of joining the NPT treaty and other international treaties regarding disarmament and other weapons of mass destruction and its possession of big nuclear capabilities don’t give it the authority to speak about cases of non – compliance to the treaty.

ِAl-Sabbagh pointed out that Syria supports the IAEA’s efforts to spread nuclear technology at member states to serve their developmental plans and appreciates the role of agency’s technical cooperation program.


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