Naseeb-Jaber border crossing with Jordan re-opened for persons and vehicles

Daraa, SANA – Naseeb-Jaber border crossing between Syria and Jordan was re-opened on Monday and traffic between the two countries started, ending a three-year closure due to the terrorists’ domination over the border crossing.

SANA reporter from the border crossing said that all logistic procedures have been taken to receive the traffic crossing movement of vehicles and persons on the Syrian side by all the relevant bodies and ministries, adding that several Syrian and Jordanian vehicles and persons started to cross through Naseeb-Jaber.

Following the opening of the crossing, a Syrian economic delegation headed to the Jordanian crossing of Jaber.

Speaking to reporters, head of the Syrian Exporters Federation, Mohammad al-Sawah affirmed that Naseeb-Jaber crossing is very important for the return of the flow of goods between Syria and Jordan and the revitalization of economy as it is a transit area for Syria towards neighboring countries and is of the same importance for Jordan.

On Sunday, Interior Minister Mohammad al- Sha’ar said that an agreement has been reached between Syria and Jordan to re-open the border crossing on Monday following a meeting of Syrian–Jordanian technical committee agreeing on the arrangements to re-open the border crossing of Naseeb-Jaber.

Last July, units of the Syrian Arab Army cleansed the border crossing of terrorism and restored security to it. Technical teams started works of restoration of the roads reaching to Daraa city.

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