Al-Arqoub industrial zone in Aleppo, defies terrorism and returns to production

Aleppo, SANA_ Al-Arqoub is one of the oldest and most important industrial zones in Aleppo Province. It developed over decades to become known at the level of Syria and the region a whole.

Established in 1937, Al-Arqoub Industrial Zone represents the originality of Aleppo industries in many sectors. It includes various industries such as textile, food, engineering and chemical in addition to many other trades and workshops.

The number of industrial facilities before the war on Syria was 2300 facilities employing 18 thousand workers, Tayseer Darkelt, the Director of the industrial zone said, adding that the number has decreased to 1200 facilities in light of the crisis.

He clarified that after restoring security and stability to Aleppo, the industry wheel moved again and facilities in al-Arqoub Zone began to produce.

SANA camera toured the area and showed how with the determination of industrialists, facilities and factories were rehabilitated and returned to production to again backthe national economy.

Textile industries accounted for more than 50% of industry in al-Arqoub industrial zone and its products were exported to European and Arab countries because of its high quality and competitive prices.

Aleppo has maintained its status as Syria’s economic center of gravity; terrorism had not been able to undermine its steadfastness despite its attempts to quell its economic position and destroy its factories and infrastructure.



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