Shaaban: Need for putting unified strategies to resist Israeli occupation

Damascus, SANA-Presidential Political and Media Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban asserted the need for an Arab comprehensive awareness and for setting up unified Arab strategies to resist the Israeli occupation.

Shaaban said in a speech at a celebration of “ten years foundation of al-Quds International Association in Syria,” that “We, as a Foundation, work for the sake of the Arab nation. Those who defend Palestine and Al-Quds defend themselves.”

Shaaban, who is the chairperson of the board of trustees of the Syrian branch of the Foundation, added that the Arab weakness encouraged the President Donald Trump to announce the transfer of his country’s embassy to Al-Quds.

It is shameful that Trump threatened to hinder the Palestinians’ right to return home and to cut fund of UNRWA, Shaaban said, noting that it is not a secret that well-known Arab regimes’ money go to the West while these regimes hesitate in supporting the Palestinians.

Emma /Mazen

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