Dialogue of colors, various new themes in 30 paintings by 6 prominent Syrian artists

Damascus, SANA – 30 paintings by 6 prominent Syrian artists and of different themes and techniques were showcased in the art exhibition hosted by Tajalliyat Art Gallery in Damascus after being  showcased  first in Kuwait city.

In a statement to SANA, Assistant Minister of Culture, Ali al-Mubaiyed, said that the exhibition reflects the situation of the plastic art movement in Syria since it exhibits the paintings of elite artists who were able to depict the concerns, pains, aspirations and hopes of the Syrian people through deep creative visions.

He stressed the Ministry’s keenness on organizing such exhibitions with the aim of spreading the real Syrian culture in society.

Artist Nizar Sabour’s 11 paintings featured different experiences and depicted images from the Syrians’ life during the years of war, while artist Edwar Shahda has chosen the archeological ruins of Palmyra which have been subjected to devastating destruction and sabotage acts at the hands of terrorists to be the main theme of his artworks.

In his four paintings, artist Ghassan Na’anae’ used new techniques, styles and color contradiction to express the pain and sorrow.

Visitors noted the dialogue of colors and new themes presented in artist Asmaa Faioumi’s 4 paintings, about which Faioumi said that she attempted to provide a powerful image of the Syrian suffering due to current crisis, adding that the red color symbolizes the blood of martyrs who sacrificed their souls to defend the homeland.

Art, according to her, helps establish new relations among people and open doors for dialogue, noting that the new generation of plastic artists have a lot of creative talents who will contribute to the future of art movement in Syrian.




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