27 areas in Homs countryside join local reconciliation agreement

Homs, SANA- 27 cities, villages and towns in the southern and eastern countryside of Homs joined on Monday the cessation of hostilities agreement according to local reconciliation agreement.

The agreement included the city of Tadmur (Palmyra) and the villages and towns of al-Amriya, Jandar, Jib al-Sada, Deibe, al-Maamoura, Shamsin, Jandar Resort, al-Buwaida al-Gharibah, Kmam, al-Dumainah al-Gharibah, al-Salihiya, USh al-Warwar, Um al-Sakhr, al-Dumainah al-Sharkiah, Kokran, al-Hamraa, Dyabiah, Dhayrij, Dabaa, al-Safa, al-Zohour, Smeykeh, Tebet Hanna, Adleen and Maarabo.

The local reconciliation deal was held at the building of Homs governorate with the participation of local representatives, and the Representative of the Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimem.

The local representatives thanked Russia for its effective role in supporting the efforts of the Syrian government to boost the national reconciliation in various areas aiming at ensuring the return of people to their homes and reinforcing security and stability.

They also asserted that the local reconciliation is the best solution to boost the unity of the Syrian people in different areas.


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