Culture Ministry launches event of “Culture Day, to enhance awareness about life”

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Thursday inaugurated the Culture Day event held by the Ministry of Culture marking its founding anniversary under the title “Culture Day, to enhance awareness about life” amid wide official cultural and intellectual participation at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Khamis stressed the government’s keenness on adopting a cultural and civilized project in order to bring up a Syrian Arab generation that is aware of its causes, has faith in its principles, Arabism and moderate Islam and capable of advancing human civilization.

He highlighted continuous efforts to overcome war-related obstacles, move to the culture of peace and amity instead of crisis and encourage developmental culture including social, economic, moral, religious and educational aspects.

Premier Khamis conveyed President Bashar al-Assad’s warmest greetings and best wishes for all employees, intellectual figures, writers and workers in the cultural sector, expressing gratitude, on behalf of the Syrian people and his own behalf, to the Syrian army and soldiers who remain steadfast in the face of terrorist war waged on the country.

He added that the government is paying special attention to upgrade the cultural sector and improve the performance of its institutions and bodies.

The premier noted that the war waged on Syria for over than 7 years was intended to destroy its state institutions and infrastructure as well as to spread the culture of extremism and hatred at the expense of tolerance and the culture of illiterateness and backwardness at the expanse of science and innovation, in addition to undermine the spirit of steadfastness and resistance and obliterate an ancient civilization and deep-rooted heritage.

He also referred to the systematic terrorist attacks which targeted the cultural institutions, archeological sites and intellectual and cultural figures.

For his part, Minister of Culture Mohammad al-Ahmad said that the event will include paintings, films, photos, theatrical shows, musical performances and books to tell  the entire world that the Syrian people are determined to share other peoples’ big dream in building a better  and peaceful world that is free of wars, conflicts and bloodshed.

The inauguration ceremony included launching 5 different exhibitions, performing a musical theatrical show and honoring prominent figures in art, literature, music, media sectors who contributed to the enrichment and development of Syrian culture.


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