Higher Council for Economic and Social Planning approves investment funds for ministries at SYP 825 billion

Damascus, SANA – The Higher Council for Economic and Social Planning approved on Sunday the investment funds for all ministries and public institutions within the 2018 general state budget at SYP 825 billion.

At the conclusion of its work on Sunday, the Council, headed by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, demanded economic feasibility studies for investment projects to be submitted by the ministries to the Planning and International Cooperation Commission and provide it with the revenues gained by all ministries and to follow up the implementation of all investment projects.

The Council decided to form two technical and financial working teams to study the situation of the lands owned by the Ministry of Tourism, and to consider the possibility of using the revenues of hotels affiliated to it in order to establish other investment projects.

It also raised the ceiling of the ministers’ capacities on issuing contracts up to SYP 400 million for investment accounts and to SYP 150 million for current accounts.

The Council also called on all ministries to coordinate with the Ministry of Communications and Technology for all projects related to automation and electronic archiving and to coordinate with the National Center for Energy Research at the Ministry of Electricity in all renewable energy projects.

It also completed discussing the plans of ministries and public institutions and investment funds within the draft state budget for 2018.

Earlier, discussions during the meeting began with a presentation of the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment’s plan, which focuses on establishing 31 industrial and handicraft areas in the provinces, setting up a computer network among provinces, maintaining 1438 schools, repairing of 355 schools, rehabilitating 767 kilometers of roads and completing 948 km of roads.

The plan also provides the rehabilitation of 14 cultural centers, 12 hospitals, 50 health centers, 8 comprehensive clinics and the implementation of 167 urban projects and 3 government complexes.

The Council discussed the plan of Information Ministry and its investment fund for 2018, which stipulates the completion of the digital broadcasting project and the promotion of the Media Preparation Institute and establishing illustrated channel for the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) and enhancing the developmental media plan.

It also discussed the plan of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, which focuses on achieving development, securing housing for citizens and supporting public construction companies.

The plan of the Higher Education Ministry which provides for accomplishing a number of projects in universities, institutes and university hospitals affiliated to it was also discussed during the meeting.

The plan of Health Ministry and its investment funds were discussed during the meeting, including carrying out projects related to improving the health situation.

The Council discussed the Justice Ministry’s plan for 2018 which focuses on rebuilding Palaces of Justice which were damaged by terrorism and accomplishing the Palace of Justice in Lattakia.


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