Nasrallah gives credit to Syria for the resistance’ steadfastness

Beirut, SANA – Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Party Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed that there are no red lines in the security confrontation with the Israeli enemy.

Nasrallah was speaking to the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar in an interview, the first part of which was published Thursday, marking the anniversary of the Israeli war on Lebanon July 12-August 13, 2006.

He hailed the support which Syria provided the Lebanese resistance during the 2006 Israeli aggression, stressing that the supply of arms and equipment from Syria continued throughout the 33-day war.

Nasrallah gave credit to Syria for being “partially responsible for the steadfastness of the resistance.”

He assured that “What the resistance has prepared to fight the Israeli enemy has not been affected by [the resistance’s] involvement in Syria.”

Commenting on the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in Palestine, which has so for left over 1,950 Palestinians dead and up to 10,000 injured, Nasrallah said the Palestinian resistance “is seeking a real achievement” of mainly having the 8-year blockade imposed on the Strip lifted.

H. Said


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