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April, 2022

  • 4 April

    Turkish occupation attack pushes Tal Tamir power station out of service

    Hasaka, SANA- Tal Tamir Power electric station in Hasaka northwestern countryside went out of service after it had been targeted in an attack launched by the Turkish occupation forces. “The …

  • 3 April

    One civilian martyred in an explosive device blast in Qamishli city

    Hasaka, SANA- One civilian was martyred and three children were wounded in a blast of an explosive device in Qaddour Bek neighborhood in the city of Qamishli, which is seized …

March, 2022

  • 26 March

    Locals in Hasaka countryside expel US military convoy from their area

    Hasaka, SANA-locals of Salhia Harb village in Hasaka countryside in cooperation of checkpoints of the Syrian Arab Army, intercepted a military convoy affiliated to US occupation and forced it out …

  • 24 March

    A child martyred, her sister and mother injured in landmine blast in Hasaka countryside

    Hasaka, SANA- A girl child was martyred and her sister and mother were injured in landmine blast in vicinity of al-Manajir village , Hasaka northwestern countryside ,which is occupied by …

  • 20 March

    Army intercepts military vehicles of US occupation in Tal Tamer district, Hasaka countryside

    Hasaka, SANA- A Syrian Arab Army checkpoint intercepted a US military vehicles’ convoy, in Tal Tamer district, in Hasaka northwestern countryside. Local sources told SANA reporter that a checkpoint for …

  • 15 March

    Several civilians injured in infighting among Turkish occupation mercenaries, Hasaka countryside

    Hasaka, SANA- Several civilians, including a child, were wounded on Tuesday due to violent clashes that erupted among Turkish occupation mercenaries in Ras al-Ayn city, northwest of Hasaka, which caused …

  • 12 March

    US occupation plunders a new batch of Syrian oil

     Hasaka, SANA- US occupation forces continued to steal the Syrian wealth from al-Jazeera region as they brought out 24 tankers loaded with oil to their bases in northern Iraq. Local …

  • 5 March

    US occupation removes military equipment from Hasaka countryside to Iraq

    Hasaka, SANA- US convoy of 42 vehicles left Hasaka countryside on Saturday, heading for northern Iraq across al-Waleed border crossing. ‘A convoy of 42 vehicles, of which 40 tankers carrying …

February, 2022

  • 27 February

    A number of civilians injured in Turkish occupation attack on Tal Tamr, Hasaka

    Hasaka, SANA- A number of civilians were injured when Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist organizations launched artillery attack on villages in the countryside of Tal Tamer, northwest …

  • 26 February

    QSD militia controls building of Social Insurance and Labour in Qamishli

    Hasaka, SANA- QSD militia established control over the building of the Social Insurance and Labour in Qamishli city in Hasaka province in the framework of obstructing the governmental service institutions, …