People start returning to Massaken Hanano neighborhood in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA – Residents of Massaken Hanano neighborhood in Aleppo city have started to return to their houses after the army units and supporting forces have expelled the terrorists, established security and removed mines and bombs planted in the neighborhood,.

Governor of Aleppo Hussein Diab said in a statement on Thursday 100 families including 600 members have already returned to the neighborhood and their houses after they had been staying at the makeshift centers.

Diab noted that Aleppo Governorate is working around the clock to provide all services to the families that have arrived in the neighborhood and rehabilitate the damaged infrastructure and facilities in the area and reopen blocked roads through removing debris and the terrorists’ barricades.

He went on saying that starting off next week, schools will be opened after being closed for more than four years under the terrorist siege and public buses will be rerun, stressing that food and fuel supplies and all other necessary requirements will be provided to the families in the neighborhood.

In a relevant context, families fleeing the terrorist-besieged eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city continued to leave them.

Diab said that the Governorate has welcomed more than 350 people, raising the total number of people who managed to leave those neighborhoods to over 20,000.

H. Said


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