International Workers’ Day marked with central event at Opera House

Damascus, SANA – The Executive Office of the Federation of Trade Unions on Sunday held a central celebration on occasion of International Workers’ Day at the Opera House in Damascus.

In a speech at the event, Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi said that the Syrians managed to withstand the terrorist war and the economic embargo imposed on them for five years thanks to the working class, stressing that despite all the destruction, vandalism, and theft carried out by terrorists, the production process is still going on in Syria’s factories thanks to Syrian workers and farmers.

For his part, Chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions Jamal al-Qaderi said that May 1st is a day that represents a symbol of the unity and solidarity of the world’s workers and their common struggle against all sorts of exploitation, racism, injustice, terrorism, and persecution.

He pointed out that Syria is fighting against the ugliest terrorism war, clarifying that terrorists have targeted the infrastructure and the institutions of the country, in addition to targeting workers.

In turn, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi that the working class in Syria has shown creativity in overcoming difficulties and realizing development plans in the face of attempts to undermine the Syrian state.

Al-Zoubi stressed that the working class has made great sacrifices for the sake of Syria, and it’s moving forward by embracing technological advancements and new economic and industrial standards, voicing pride in Syria’s workers for their commitment to their duties and doing their part in defending Syria.

Likewise, Assistant National Secretary General of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal said that the working class is the most giving group in society, and that it plays a special role in the construction process that allows the nation to endure and rise up, adding that workers in Syria have been targeted by the conspiracy against Syria along with the country’s factories and infrastructure as the workers and the establishments they work in are Syria’s lifeblood.

Rasha Raslan / Hazem Sabbagh

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