Terrorism targeting the country seeks drug-spreading to destroy the Syrian societys, Interior Minister

Damascus, SANA- Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar stressed the necessity of exerting all efforts for facing the plague of drug, particularly in light of the current crisis in the country.

Al-Shaar, who heads of the National Committee for Drugs Affairs, said in a meeting of the Committee on Sunday that terrorism which targets the Syrian state, with all its components, seeks to spread this plague to destroy the Syrian society.

The minister pointed out that the Ministry through its continued efforts to develop the performance of the Anti-drug Administration Department foiled a number of drug smuggling operations and seized many networks involved in those operations.

He asserted that the Department seized during the current year 2,825 kg Hashish, 9kg Heroin, 140 kg cocaine, 92,143 psychological tablets, 24,481,295 captagon tablets, 1,132 gram of marijuana, 568 kg of raw materials for manufacturing tablets, 374gram of Qambaz seeds and 4,225kg of hemp.

Al-Shaar added that the number of the lawsuits reached 4,125, while the number of the defendants reached 5,281 ones.

He reiterated that the existence of the terrorist organizations in some areas provides the appropriate atmoshere for drug spreading.
H. Zain/ Barry

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