Al-Zoubi: Vienna meeting is prominent turning point in political efforts for solving crisis in Syria

Damascus, SANA- Vienna meeting was the prominent turning point in the political efforts, which started to have a political prospective, and should lead to ending the war on Syria, the foreign interference in its internal affairs and the flow of terrorists into it, Information Minister Orman al-Zoubi said in an interview with Syrian TV on Wednesday.

Al-Zoubi added the Vienna meeting included common and agreed upon points among some participating countries, asserting that it was acceptable in terms of content and outcomes, which is subjected to contents.

The minister reiterated Syria’s principled stance since the beginning of the crisis calling for the unity, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and the unity of all spectrums of the Syrian people in addition to maintaining it secular identity, which was literally mentioned in the first item of Vienna statement.

Al-Zoubi expressed confidence that the Syrian state will re-establish full control over the whole Syrian territories and restores its role on all service and administrational levels, calling on all parties to be engaged in the political process and in fighting terrorism.

On the responsibility of the countries sponsoring terrorism, al-Zoubi said Vienna statement didn’t mention that, which is one of its drawbacks, adding that the statement should call on Syria’s neighboring and other countries to prevent the
flow of terrorists and arms to Syria and stop logistic and intelligence support to them which was stipulated by the UN resolutions.

Lebanese Hezbollah party, Iraq, Iran and Russia constitute a genuine front in the face of terrorism for activating the international law and maintaining stability of the region and the national sovereignty of its countries, Minister Zoubi stressed.

The Minister added that Syria was open for any political effort which leads for political solutions in all stages of the crisis, affirming we are ready for a national dialogue that encompasses all Syrians whatever their views or their political trends are, except those who have relations with terrorism.

Russia exerts efforts and exchanges lists with some countries on the so-called the political opposition groups which could be a part of the upcoming Moscow 3 meeting which should pave the way for any subsequent step of Geneva 3 conference.

The Brainstorm committees theory proposed by the UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura still exists,Zoubi indicated, asserting that what happened in Vienna was a chance for De Mistura as a UN Envoy which he could positively exploit, particularly he perceived big cooperation from the Syrian government, a thing he didnot receive from countries of the region or abroad opposition.

On Moscow3 should be a completion of Moscow2 and talks should start from the point where they stopped and it should have enough time to reach advanced stages, He added.

The minister affirmed that the delegation of the Syrian Government will attend the meeting with full seriousness and responsibility, calling on the other parties to show that as the meeting should be responsible, serious and aiming at achieving Syria’s interests.

He called upon Turkey to close its borders in the face of terrorists and cooperate with the countries which are fighting terrorism in Syria and offer all intelligence information as it is responsible for what is happening in Syria.

The Minister stressed Oman’s clear role in supporting the Syrian people and leadership, and its rejection of the interference in Syria’s internal affairs, asserting that Oman stands by Syria in all international circles.

On the US step on sending 50 advisers to the region, al-Zoubi pointed out that this step will not change the fact that the western alliance is characterized with inefficiency, unseriousness and irresponsibility in facing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization.

H. Zain/ Barry

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