Bolivian Parliament speaker: Syria’s presidential elections were fair

Moscow, SANA – Speaker of the Bolivian Parliament Marcelo Elio Chavez said Syria’s recent presidential elections were fair and legitimate and all world countries should respect their results.

Elio Chavez represented his country’s delegation to observe Syria’s June 3 election, the first multi-candidate, at the Syrian parliament’s invitation, which was extended to a number of friendly countries.

The Bolivian official highlighted, in an interview with the Cuban Prensa Latina news agency, the high turnout of Syrians to the June 3 elections despite the difficult security circumstances in some areas.

He expressed his happiness over President al-Assad’s win of the elections by a sweeping majority with 10.319.723 votes and 88.7% of the correct votes over two other rivals.

This massive margin, Elio Chavez said, indicates that the majority of the Syrian people supports President al-Assad and rally around his leadership, stressing the peoples’ sovereign right to determining their countries’ political future.

By confirming that the electoral process in Syria was fair, the Bolivian Parliament Speaker is echoing the assessment of other parliamentary delegation members who toured balloting stations in several provinces.

H. Said

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