WFTU denounces economic sanctions imposed on Syria

Geneva, SANA – The Presidential Council of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) denounced the economic sanctions imposed on Syria and criticized the international community’s silence over the sending of thousands of terrorists by the U.S., Europe, and their regional pawns to Syria.

Chairman of the Syrian General Federation of Trade Unions Jamal al-Qaderi, who participated in the Presidential Council’s meetings which were held on June 6-7, said that he informed the participants in the meeting about the terrorist war targeting Syria and which is orchestrated by the U.S. and carried out by Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, explaining to them the disastrous ramifications of this war on the Syrian people.

Al-Qaderi had detailed the economic impact of the crisis and the difficulties that face the working class in Syria, noting that the Syrian economy lost over 3 million job opportunities due to terrorist activities.

He also noted that the Syrian delegation added an item on the Council’s agenda for 2015 on holding an international council in Damascus to show solidarity with the workers and people of Syria, and that this conference is due to be held in September.

The membership of the WFTU includes around 215 trade unions and labor organizations from around the world, and is chaired by the Syrian General Federation of Trade Unions.

Hazem Sabbagh

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