Tourism Ministry supports the youth initiatives

Damascus, SANA- Ministry of Tourism has announced that it will soon launch the program of youths’ initiatives under the title “Small, Pioneer and Innovative Tourism Projects” with the aim of supporting youths in carrying out small and micro enterprises whose cost doesn’t exceed SYP 1 million.

The main idea of the program is bridging the gap between the educational output and the demand of labor market, in addition to supporting youths through financing their projects and obtaining the required administrative licenses to carry out these projects, Chairman of the Syrian Transport and Tourism General Company Naser Qaidaban said.

Qaidaban added that the company, as the sponser of the program, will also work on linking the projects with each other and helping the entrepreneurs to promote their products and overcome all the obstacles facing them.

He said that the initiative will be announced through the mass media within a month in cooperation with the Savings Bank and the Small and Micro-Enterprises Development Commission at the Ministry of Labor.

The initiative also helps those who are searching for a suitable job through providing suggestions to them to find job opportunities.

The initiative opens an opportunity for the youth who have ideas on small or micro enterprises to submit their applications to the Syrian Tourism Company which will consider the possibility of transforming their ideas into viable projects through a specialized committee.

The best projects which serve tourism sector and contribute to tourism promotion will be selected by the initiative.

Qaidaban said that tourism is one of the sectors which have been affected by the crisis in Syria as many of the historical and archeological sites have been destroyed at the hands of the armed terrorist groups, therefore, the support provided to tourism sector mustn’t be limited to the hotels, but it must also focus on the labor market.

R. al-Jazaeri/ Barry

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