Syrian-American Forum stresses Syria’s right to defend itself against terrorism

New Jersey, SANA The Syrian-American Forum in the US city of New Jersey held a symposium dubbed “Syria, Axis of Resistance” within the activities of the United National Anti-War Coalition Conference being held this year under the title, Stop Domestic and Foreign Wars.

Forum’s member of Board of Directors Ghaiyath Moussa reviewed, during the symposium,the events the region has passed through in general and Syria in particular during the last century where Syria was targeted for the interest of the Zionist entity.

Moussa pointed out the importance of refuting western media falsification and lies which aim at undermining Syria’s national, regional and pan-Arab role.

He asserted that what is going on in the region is an Israeli project which aims at diverting attention away from the Palestinian Cause, the Arabs main issue.


He expressed confidence that Syria will overcome the crisis and will remain the axis of resistance.

Syrian activist Manal Ghabbash pointed out the brutality of the terrorist organizations and their violations against the innocent civilians in Syria.

Ghabbash warned against the spread of terrorism to the countries of the world, reiterating the necessity of combating it instead of supporting and financing it.

Syria has the right to defend itself in the face of the international campaign hatched against it, Sara Flounders Secretary of National Board of National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms in the US said.

Flounders called upon the participants in the conference to intensify their efforts in the American society on all official and media levels to express their rejection of the US Administration’s policy against Syria.

Flounders offered an illustration on what she saw during her late visit to Syria, confirming the Syrian people’s intention to live and maintain their dignity, honor and sovereignty of their homeland.

The conference included a series of symposiums and lectures on the foreign wars which the US has waged in addition to what the organizer of the Conference have called the domestic wars which mainly centered on the racist suppression
practiced by the local police apparatus against the American of African and Latin descent.

H. Zain/ Barry

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