Patriarch Yazigi reiterates calls for restoring peace in Syria and the Middle East

Nicosia, SANA – Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All East John X Yazigi attended mass in Cyrpus on Sunday, praying for peace in Syria and the Middle East and stability in Lebanon.

Patriarch Yazigi called for putting an end to terrorism, killing, and importing alien extremist ideologies that exploit religion and persecute people on religious and sectarian grounds, all under the false pretense of championing freedom of democracy.

The Patriarch denounced the international silence over the abduction of Bishops Paul Yazigi and John Ibrahim, who remain in captivity today after more than two years since their abduction which was faced by a suspicious international media blackout.

He stressed that terrorist organizations are destroying churches, mosques, public facilities, cities, and historical sites in complicity with foreign sides, while other sides simply watch this and remain idle.

The Patriarch voiced sorrow over what is happening in the Middle East, asserting the commitment of the Church of Antioch to coexistence in Syria, Lebanon, and everywhere, affirming that the Christians of the Middle East will remain rooted in their land.

He also prayed for Iraq who is also being targeted by terrorists and for Yemen.

Patriarch Yazigi began his visit to Cyprus on Saturday. Earlier, he presided upon prayers at the St. John Church in Nicosia.

Hazem Sabbagh

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